Hormone Balance - 30 Servings

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I’m not sure how to drink this… Is it tea, do I mix it with something? I’ve looked it up and can’t find answers

Valerie Marvin
Great Stuff!

The hormone balance is great stuff!
You jest take it twice a day. I like the taste of it some people don’t but I also enjoy it with a bit of milk. My favorite way to enjoy it is sitting on the porch or watching something while drinking it. Would definitely buy again!

Lauren Segars

I wanted to like this. I tried several different ways to get it down. However, the taste is really not good. I got it for myself and my oldest daughter (who is experiencing hormonal imbalances) and I’m afraid I’ve wasted money on this.

Organically has created an amazing blend of medicinal herbs and micronutrients that guide a woman’s body on the path to hormone balance. 

Hormone balance contains a perfect combination of vitamin c, vitamin b3, vitamin b8, magnesium, potassium, chasteberry, red raspberry leaf tea, and wild yam. 

Our breastfeeding safe blend contains vitamin b3, vitamin b8, vitamin c, magnesium, potassium, dandelion leaf, fenugreek, and red raspberry leaf. 

Take 1.5 teaspoons twice daily. Take for 1-2 months or until cycle is regulated and/or menstrual flow is normal. Not recommended for pregnant women. 
30 servings | 360grams


1. What this product is supposed to achieve? I'm mainly looking to get my menstrual cycle back after having a child 2 years ago.

Helping reinstate a cycle is one thing it can do. But it also helps regulate your cycles each month and resolve issues such a PCOS and PMS so that periods are normal.