Non-toxic Shower Steamers

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 Try one of our shower steamers & pamper yourself with aromatherapy benefits! How does it work? Place steamer on the shower floor & as it gets wet, it will release essential oils into the steam of your shower.


Sleep Tight: To all our lavender lovers, this one is for you! Promotes relaxation with wonderful, pure lavender oil with a hint of sweet orange. Simple as that!

Stress Relief: These are the perfect combination of lemongrass, orange & eucalyptus essential oils to help melt away stress and anxiety.

Wake-up Call: Wake up with this uplifting, fresh and invigorating blend of spearmint, orange and lemon essential oils. Perfect way to get your day going!

Ingredients: Essential oils, Kaolin Clay, Baking Soda, Citric Acid and Salt.

Eco-friendly | Handmade | Woman Owned | Small Batch | Made in USA 🇺🇸